Shakespeare LIVE! Workshops



In addition to the provocative performancesLIVE! also conducts engaging workshops that get students on their feet to perform Shakespeare’s text.  While the performances engage, educate and enlighten, the workshops make the experience more personal.  Together, they transform Shakespeare from merely words in “some old book” to a fun, easily understood and accessible “play.”  

Educators have been very impressed that, in the course of our "Speak the Speech" workshop, students are actively incorporating cognitive learning, analysis and extrapolation, phonics, advanced reading and interpretive skills, while also exploring imagery, allusion, and metaphor, as well as other required subjects in the Common Core Standards

Each 60- to 90-minute workshop is run by members of the Shakespeare LIVE! company and/or The Shakespeare Theatre's artist-educators.  Each workshop can accommodate up to 30 students.  Many schools will schedule simultaneous workshops in multiple classrooms to accommodate more students.

Rate: $400*
*Discounts available for Title I schools through the Shakespeare for a New Generation Initiative
Workshops can be modified to work for groups as young as grade 4 and up to grade 12.
Maximum number of students per workshop: 30