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In-School Residencies


This four-to-six-week residency engages students in intensive performance-based exploration of a single Shakespeare play. Through various theatre exercises and games, students discover the power of Shakespeare’s language (and language in general) as well as the power of story interpretation and physical storytelling.

This residency has proven to be one of our most profoundly impactful education programs; affecting students for years to come. The pride and confidence young people gain as they discover their own aptitude for understanding the exciting world of Shakespeare’s plays is palpable. It is an ideal program for students who have previously been adverse to traditional language arts approaches.

The program culminates in a final presentation by all students of an abridged version of the play for their peers, parents, and/or members of the community.

Though we can model the program to the needs of the school and the students, most commonly we explore A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Macbeth or Julius Caesar; all of which parallel school curriculums. The final presentation typically runs 35-40 minutes, and is ideal for showing as an assembly for other classes and for parents.

Fees for this residency model generally range between $6000-$8000, based on the number of sessions per day and the number of weeks in residency.

This program is available at any point during the school year. One school even utilized the final performance as part of its December holiday presentation.