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In-School Residencies

“I would recommend this program to every elementary school in the world.  I learned so much!” – Alex (Normandy Park Elementary School)

“At first, I thought this activity was not going to be fun, but this whole experience about learning, and speaking William Shakespeare’s written words absolutely steered me a whole different direction.  I just want to thank you so much…I will never forget this Shakespeare unit!” – Catherine (5th Grader, Forest Street School, Jersey City)

“I was surprised by how easy the residency made it to actually understand Shakespeare!” – Brett (5th Grader, Glenwood Elementary School)

“I realized I was more capable than I thought.” – Jeffrey (Normandy Park Elementary School)

“I am most proud of being able to get the courage to be loud, and to be able to not freak out at the prospect of talking in front of an audience.” – April (5th Grader, Glenwood Elementary School)

“Another thing I learned is that Shakespeare can be fun with the right experience, like we had…If I had the chance to do it again, I would!” – Natasha (Normandy Park Elementary School)

“[It] is not about getting a good part.  It is about sharing your ideas with people.” – Xanthe (5th Grader, Glenwood Elementary School)

“I had a ball…It was the most fun I had this year!” – Connor (Normandy Park Elementary School)