Thank you for a fantastic festival! I enjoyed every moment of the day. It was inspiring to see how different schools brought their own perspective to Shakespeare's plays and I had a great time cheering on my peers.
Serenity Fung, Student, Faith Hope Love Academy, Somerset, NJ

My kids (most of whom had never been on stage before) had a wonderful time and enjoyed the whole day. I especially appreciate the way in which your panel found and acknowledged all the things that the kids did right, and critiqued them honestly but gently. All of that was a winning combination.
Jill Palumbo, English Teacher, Elizabeth High School, Elizabeth, NJ

As an educator, it gave me great ideas on how to approach teaching Shakespeare through performance rather than simply by reading. I also learned a lot from the presentation on weapons. My students were amazed at how beautifully some schools performed. They learned that you have to actually see Shakespeare to understand it.
Michele Giorgio, English Teacher, Weehawken High School, Weehawken, NJ

We had a fantastic time! The kids are STILL talking about it. They really enjoyed seeing other students perform, they loved the guest stage combat presenter, and while they didn't all enjoy the criticism from the adjudicators (at first) - they have since thought more about their feedback and really learned from it. As an educator, it is always valuable to see other students and how other programs go about the process.
Suzanne Houston, Drama Teacher, Dunellen High School, Dunellen, NJ

It was wonderful to see so much Shakespeare in one place. A lot of my students have read works in class, but as a theatre troupe, we have only put two on stage. The fact that the students got the chance to see these stories and techniques come to life was priceless.
Briana Dixon, English/Theatre Teacher, Hillsborough High School, Hillsborough, NJ

The festival was once again an amazing success! [Both students and teachers] were blown away by the high level of performance by all the students who participated, the smoothness with which the show was run, and the overall organization.
Marcia Scille, English Teacher, Newark Technical High School, Newark, NJ