2001 Season- Words, Life, & All

  A Message from the Artistic Director

This season marks the beginning of my second decade at the Festival. That fact is both startling to me and very gratifying -- startling, because time has flown by at terrifying speed; gratifying, for much has been accomplished in that time and the groundwork has been laid for an even more exciting second decade.

Often in the last ten years, I have used my program notes as an opportunity to try and define the scope, the worth and the necessity of classic drama. It is a vital part of one of our most precious commodities -- the history of mankind's inner life. The great plays that we call "classics" preserve not so much our deeds as a civilization, but our shared emotional experience. They are the stories that reveal the character and the yearnings of our hearts, souls and minds. These plays contain our myths, our philosophies, our changing mores and our internal struggles to discover the meaning of our existence. They commemorate not only how humanity has lived, but also why and for what causes.

Next year, the Festival turns 40 -- a microscopic mote in the vast sands of history. Yet in those 40 years, thousands will have explored worlds and souls that survive on and on even as the winds of time and the travails of mankind swirl about us.

Welcome to the 2001 Season, and six new voyages filled with "Words, Life and All!"

2001 Season Plays

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The Comedy of Errors

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian B. Crowe

"Dromio, Dromio, Dromio!" is the man everyone seems to be calling for... the only problem is that there are two of them, and no one knows it! There are two guys named Antipholus, too -- and they’re identical twins! Shakespeare’s hilarious and exuberant comedy of mistaken identities, "the seven year itch" and long-lost brothers takes us on a madcap journey!

The Crew
Directed by Brian B. Crowe
Settings by Charlie Wittreich
Lighing by Heath Hansum
Costumes by Amanda Whidden
Music by Irwin Appel
Production Stage Manager - Patti McCabe*

The Cast
Citizens of Ephesus - The Company
Egeon - William Metzo*
Officer - Jared Zeus
Jailor - Kevin Rolston
Solinus, Duke of Ephesus - Michael McKenzie*
Young Egeon - David Foubert
Young Emilia - Laura Standley
Pauper Wife - Jenny Burleson
Pauper Husband - Deric McNish
Sea Captains - Deric McNish, Jared Zeus
First Merchant - Jared Zeus
Antipholus of Syracuse - Anthony Hagopian*
Dromio of Syracuse - Kevin Henderson*
Dromio of Ephesus - Tony Finn*
Nell - Laura Standley
Adriana - Veronica Watt*
Luciana - Amanda Ronconi*
Antipholus of Ephesus - Clark Carmichael*
Angelo - Donnie Mather
Balthasar - Deric McNish
Luce - Jenny Burleson
Second Merchant - Kevin Rolston
Courtesan - Sue Brady*
Dr. Pinch - David Foubert
Pinch's Assistants - Deric McNish, Laura Standley
Lady Abess/Emilia - Corinne Edgerly*
Officer - David Foubert

Assistant to the Director - Samantha Hancock
Assistants to the Stage Manager - Josian Lemieux, Lee Martindell

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Three Sisters

By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

"Moscow... Moscow... Moscow..."
longingly whispers Irina, the youngest of Chekhov’s famous three sisters. In this tale of yearning, desire, hope and despair, the great Russian dramatist paints a moving portrait of the “divine comedy” of life. Directed by Festival artistic director Bonnie J. Monte, whose 1992 production of Chekhov’s The Sea Gull received unanimous critical acclaim.

"Of the 15 productions I've seen of THREE SISTERS since 1969, this is the finest, and I've seen productions in England and Russia, too....It's an excellent interpretation that manages to sound true to the period, yet vital for contemporary audiences."
Peter Filichia
The Star-Ledger

The Crew
Adapted and Directed by Bonnie J. Monte
Set Designer Harry Feiner
Lighting Designer Steven Rosen
Costumer Designer Molly Reynolds
Sound Designer Richard M. Dionne
Production Stage Manager Alison Cote*

The Cast
Olga - Angela Reed*
Masha - Laila Robins*
Irina - Caralyn Kozlowski*
Tuzenbach - Remy Auberjonois*
Tchebutykin - Edmond Genest*
Solyony - Jeffrey M. Bender*
Anfisa - Kathy Mattingly
Ferapont - Norm Anderson
Vershinin - Joseph Siravo*
Andrey - Paul Mullins*
Kulygin - James Michael Reilly*
Natasha - Lisa Powers*
Fedotik - David Foubert
Roddey - Jared Zeus
A Maid - Laura Standley

Assistant to the Director: Kelly Gillespie
Assistants to the Stage Manager: Allison Bagby, Brooke Berescik-Johns

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Tom Gilroy

"Words... words... words..." is Hamlet’s cryptic reply when Polonius asks what he’s reading. And indeed, Shakespeare’s brilliant tragedy is filled with many of the most famous and oft-quoted words in the world...all uttered in a fervent and desperate struggle to understand man, his place in the universe and the nature and obligations of existence. It’s all set against the backdrop of a dysfunctional family dynasty’s vicious domestic politics. Featuring Jared Harris as Hamlet and Lili Taylor as Ophelia, as well as a groundbreaking digital installation with Richard Harris as the Ghost of Hamlet's Father.

The Crew
Directed by - Tom Gilroy
Settings by - Michael Schweikardt
Lighing by - John Lasiter
Costumes by - Miranda Hoffman
Fight Director - Rick Sordelet
Assistant Fight Director - David DeBesse
Stage Manager - Alison Cote
Digital Installation Producer - Beth Schacter
Digital Installation Producer - Ira Deutchman
Production Stage Manager - Elizabeth Moloney

The Cast - In order of appearance
Bernardo/Gravedigger 2 - Jay Leibowitz
Marcellus - Sam Wellington*
Horatio - Ken Leung*
The Ghost of Hamlet's Father - Richard Harris*
Claudius - Bill Raymond*
Voltemand/Danish Captain - Kevin Rolston
Laertes - Jason Weinberg*
Polonius - William Bogert*
Hamlet - Jared Harris*
Gertrude - Maggie Low*
Ophelia - Lili Taylor*
Reynaldo - Dale Ho
Guildenstern/Osric - Adam Stein*
Rosencrantz/Priest - Gregory Jackson*
Player Queen - Erin Lynlee Partin
Player King/Gravedigger 1 - Eric Hoffmann*

* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.


By Jean Baptiste Poquelin de Molière
Directed by Paul Mullins

"Drat! Drat! Drat!" sputters Orgon, the butt of Monsieur Tartuffe’s outrageous scam. Banned by France’s religious leaders after its first showing, Tartuffe quickly became a runaway hit and has remained so since its public reopening in 1669. A deliciously scathing attack on hypocrisy, false piety, hollow morality and gullibility, Molière’s genius lives on, delighting and taunting as effectively now as when it was first penned.

The Crew
Directed by - Paul Mullins
Settings by - Michael Schweikardt
Lighing by - Michael Giannitti
Costumes by - Cameron Lee Roberts
Production Stage Manager - Gillian Duncan
Composer - Nicholas Kitsopoulos

The Cast
Madame Pernelle - Judith Roberts*
Orgon - Wally Dunn*
Elmire - Tamara Tunie*
Damis - Andrew McGinn*
Mariane - Mia Barron*
Valere - Jeffrey Binder*
Cleante - Craig Wallace*
Tartuffe - Daniel Oreskes*
Dorine - Leslie Geraci*
Monsieur Loyal - Jim Mohr*
Officer - Jared Zeus
Flipote - Laura Standley

Additional Staff for Tartuffe
Assistants to the Director - Tory Talbot, Allison Wood
Assistants to the Stage Manager - Josiane Lemieux, Sandie Pisieczko

* Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

"I cannot! I cannot! I cannot!" agonizes Elizabeth Proctor in the climactic moments of this chilling allegory. Inspired by the events of the 1692 Salem witch trials and the McCarthy "witch hunts" of 1952, Miller’s American classic transcends history and reveals universal truths about the human spirit. From the least likely of "suspects" we see mankind’s ignorance and aptitude for evil - as well as our capacity for strength, goodness and nobility. Featuring Dana Reeve as Elizabeth Proctor and Paul Niebanck as John Proctor.

Funding for THE CRUCIBLE is provided, in part, by a grant from American Express Company.

The Crew
Directed by - Bonnie J. Monte
Settings by - Mary Kay Samouce
Lighing by - Mathew Adelson
Costumes by - Jacqueline Firkins
Sound Design - Richard M. Dionne
Production Stage Manager - Becky Garrett*
Assistant to the Director - Alison Wood
Wigmaster - Michael Costain
Assistants to the Stage Manager - Josiane Lemieux, Cassandra Pisieczko

The Cast - in order of appearance
Reverend Parris - Brian Dowd*
Betty Parris - Katie John
Tituba - Linda Maurel Sithole*
Abigail Williams - Erin Lynlee Partin
Susanna Walcott - Erin Scanlon
Mrs. Ann Putnam - Kate Schlesinger*
Thomas Putnam - Richard Waddingham
Mercy Lewis - Kyla Marie Mostello
Mary Warren - Laura Standley
John Proctor - Paul Niebanck*
Rebecca Nurse - Carole Caton
Giles Corey - Jim Mohr*
Reverend John Hale - Gregory Jackson*
Elizabeth Proctor - Dana Reeve*
Francis Nurse - Larry Swansen*
Ezekiel Cheever - Jim Cybrowski
Marsall Herrick - James Earley
Judge Hathorne - Tom Brennan*
Deputy Governor Danforth - William Metzo*
Sarah Good - Kate Schlesinger*
Hopkins - Jared Zeus

*Denotes member of the Actor’s Equity Association


The Fantasticks

By Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones
Directed by Joseph Discher

"Follow, follow, follow..." echoes the refrain of this haunting ballad that has become this Tony Award-winning musical’s famous signature piece. Inspired in part by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream, this jewel of the American musical canon has charmed audiences around the world for 41 years. It’s a perfect musical for the Festival stage -- an intimate gem influenced by the great classic genres, and a timeless story of young love that spunkily succeeds without one dollop of technological pyrotechnics or spectacle. Don’t miss this funny, nostalgic and bittersweet show that’s been embraced by each generation from bobby soxers to cyberkids. It’s this year’s holiday gift to our audiences and their families!

The Crew
Directed by - Joe Discher
Settings by - Mary Kay Samouce
Lighing by - Mathew J. Williams
Costumes by - Daryl A. Stone
Music Director - Jana Zielonka
Production Stage Manager - Gillian Duncan
Choreographer - Becky Timms
Percussionist - Edward Taylor
Harpist - Tara Ogeden-Skousin
Fight Director - Rick Sordelet

The Cast
Henry - Paul Benedict*
Hucklebee - Darin De Paul*
Mortimer - Peter Parks Husovsky*
The Mute - Greg Jackson*
El Gallo - Perry Laylon Ojeda*
Luisa - Erica Piccininni*
Bellomy - Bruce Winant*
Matt - Jared Zeus*

*Denotes member of the Actor’s Equity Association