2002 - Grand Magic

A Message from the Artistic Director

In celebration of the Theatre’s 40th season, we have chosen a lineup of plays that embody and celebrate the grand magic that is theatre — the laboratory where a special kind of alchemy takes place, where dreams and philosophies and tales are mixed with elements as simple as sawdust, rhinestones and paste, resulting in wondrous transformations and visions of life that illuminate, that entertain, that makes us feel and know things we didn’t know or understand or pay attention to before. The alchemists themselves are the writers, actors and artists of all kinds who work their magic, mixing thoughts and words with paint, light and glitter. Finally, they lift from deep within themselves the most important substance of all: the contents of their hearts and souls. Breathing these vapors of passion and life into the mix, they create the illusions that define the reality of what it means to be human.

With Shakespeare as our guiding force, we will explore not only the mythical worlds of his creation, but also those of writers from neo-classical France, pre-World-War-II Italy, and twentieth-century America. We invite you, as always, to journey with us on our voyages to these realms, and to explore as well the many other “magical” events this special anniversary season has to offer. Our Shakespeare LIVE! touring productions for young people, a forty-year retrospective exhibition the F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre, our grand “ruby anniversary” gala, the 17th Biennial Shakespeare Colloquium, free Picnic Series performances on the lawn, and our numerous education and training programs —an exciting array of grand magic awaits you this season! We hope you will join us!

Lastly, we thank each and every one of you who have participated in the 40-year life of this exceptional place that we call The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, for you are, ultimately, the most critical element in this mix. Without an audience, the alchemy of theatre does not work; the lights do not shine, the visions do not come to life, the illusions never appear, the glitter lies dully on the floor, and there is only silence. So thank you, for what a grand audience you are! And you are all very much a part of our grand magic.

2002 Season Plays

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Music & Lyrics by Bob Merrill, Book by Michael Stewart
Based on material by Helen Deutsch
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

The Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris -- With a bold flourish, the anniversary season begins with the "Grand Imperial Cirque de Paris" taking center stage in this classic American musical. Director Bonnie J. Monte will bring her unique vision to this 1961 musical adaptation of Lili, the story of an innocent, homeless girl who joins a troupe of jaded, not-so-imperial performers including The Incomparable Rosie, Marco the Magnificent and Paul, a crippled puppeteer. A joyride of music, romance and glittering theatricality, Carnival's score includes the standard "Love Makes the World Go 'Round." Original production directed & choreographed by Gower Champion. Featuring Robert Cuccioli and Paul Mullins.

The Crew
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte
Settings by Janie E. Howland
Lighing by Steven Rosen
Costumes by Molly Reynolds
Musical Director Jan Rosenberg
Choreographer - Keely Garfield
Production Stage Manager - Mindy Richardson

The Cast
Paul Berthalet - Robert Cuccioli
Marco the Magnificent - Paul Mullins
Lili - Kate Dawson
Jacquot - Michael Medeiros
B.F. Schlegel - Bernie Sheredy
The Incompararble Rosalie - Tina Stafford
Stilt-Walking Roustabout - Clark Carmichael
Dr. Glass - Nick Corley
The Strong-Man - Ethan Crough
Acrobat - Greg Kata
Grobert - Michael Ricciardone
Gladys and Gloria Zuwicki / Blue Bird Girl - Laura Standley
Roustabout With Guitar - Jared Zeus
Roustabout With Cigarette - Benjamin Eakeley
Harlequin / Blue Bird Girl - Robyn Lee
The Big Strong-Man / Volunteer - Jay Leibowitz
Horseback Rider/Blue Bird Girl - Amanda McCroskery
Princess Olga / Aerialist - Kate Middleton
Harlequin - Aaron Shipp
Harem Dancer / Blue Bird Girl - Katrina Toshiko


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Garbriel Barre

The Grand Odyssey -- Shakespeare's rarely-produced and earliest romance comes to life on the Company's stage for the first time in 13 years. Driven by the machinations of fate, PERICLES sets out to sea and is taken on an epic journey where love and happiness is lost three times over. Follow the exiled Prince of Tyre's mythic adventures through a universe fraught with peril and wonder, discoveries and redemption.

The Crew
Directed by Gabriel Barre
Settings by James Wolk
Lighing by Tim Hunter
Composer - Andy Teirstein
Choreographer - Jennifer Paulson Lee
Production Stage Manager - Gillian Duncan
Fight Director - Rick Sordelet

The Cast
Helicanus - Michael Stewart Allen
Lychorida/Bawd/Lady - Sue Brady
Gower/Cerimon - A. Benard Cummings
Pericles - Thomas A. Hammond
Thaisa - Roxanna Hope
Cleon/Knight - Andrew Long
Dionyza - Elizabeth Long
Boult/Fisherman - Andy Paterson
Thaliard/Pander - Michael Rogers
Antiochus/Lysimachus/Knight - Mark Elliot Wilson
Gentleman/Sailor/Guard/Lord - Brian Avers
Philoten/Lady/Priestess - Marianne Bonner
Daughter of Antiochus - Morgan Davis
Philemon/Escanes/Sailor - Kenneth Lee
Leonine/Knight/Gentleman - Jay Leibowitz
Diana - Victoria Mack
Escanes/Fisherman/Messenger/Gentle-man - Seth Richardson
Fisherman/Pirate - Aaron Shipp
Marina - Agnes Tsangaridou
Simonides - Christian Wijnberg
Marshal/Pirate/A Poor Man/Sailor - Geoff Wilson

Outdoor Stage: The Grouch

By Meander
Directed by Jason King Jones

The Crew
Production Coordinator - Walter E. Cupit
Lighting Designer - Richard M. Dionne
Costume Designer - Chelsea Harriman
Director - Jason King Jones
Scenic Designer - Fred Kinney
Production Stage Manager - Josiane M. Lemieux
Choreographer - Magaly Roig
House Manager - Tory Talbot

The Cast
Knemon - Joseph Costa
Pan - Joe Discher
Kallipides - Brian Dowd
Mother of Sostratos/Simiche - Corinne Edgerly
Getas - David Foubert
Chaireas/Donax - Peter Husovsky
Daos - Robert Lanchester
Sostratos - Andrew McCallum
Sikon - James Michael Reilly
Gorgias - Coleman Zeigan
Myrrhine - Carole Caton
Nymph - Amanda Duffy
The Girl - Erin Lynlee Partin
Plangon/Nymph - Katrina Toshiko
Pyrrhias/A Sheep - Matthew Sigl
Servant - Erin Denton
Servant - Devon Graham
Nymph - Miriam Lamey
Servant - Rick Mckelvey
Parthenis/Nymph - Maris Smith
Syrus - Vincent Tula

The Illusion

Adapted by Tony Kushner from Pierre Corneille
Directed by Paul Mullins

The Grand Illusion -- Fantasy and sorcery thrive in Tony Kushner's brilliant adaptation of Pierre Corneille's dazzling, dark comedy, in which a father enlists the help of a magician in a search for his long-lost, wayward son. This mystical journey of the human heart is directed by Theatre veteran Paul Mullins, who gave us the unanimously acclaimed staging of Rhinoceros in 2000 and the deliciously funny Tartuffe last season. He returns to direct this witty and irreverent 17th-century French fable, reinvented by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Angels in America.

The Crew
Production Stage Manager - Alison Cote
Costume Designer - Jacqueline Firkins
Lighting Designer - Michael Giannitti
Director - Paul Mullins
Set Designer - Michael Schweikardt
Fight Director - Rick Sordelet
Sound Designer - Jason A. Tratta

The Cast
Pridamant of Avignon - John FitzGibbon
Alcandre - Edmond Genest
Matamore - Paul Niebanck
Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes - Robert Petkoff
Pleribo/Adraste/Prince Florilame - Lorenzo Pisoni
Elicia/Lyse/Clarina - Amanda Ronconi
The Amanuensis - Craig Wallace
Melibea/Isabelle/Hippolyta - Margot White

Enrico IV

By Luigi Pirandello
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

The Grand Delusion -- The hero of this 1922 masterpiece is a twentieth-century Italian aristocrat, who awakens from a riding accident believing himself to be Emperor Henry IV of medieval Germany. Luigi Pirandello, Italy's greatest dramatist, presents a hilarious and disturbing examination of the hall of mirrors that is human existence, a tightrope walk on the fine line between reality and delusion, sanity and madness, love and hate.

Says director Bonnie J. Monte, "The character of Enrico (Henry) IV is one of the greatest and most demanding roles for a male actor in the canon of world literature. It requires an actor of extraordinary skill and talent to portray the 40-something, Hamlet-esque antihero of Pirandello's brilliant piece. Trapped in a universe as infuriating, bewildering and treacherous as any in the State of Denmark, Pirandello's Enrico IV rages against a mysterious and unkind universe with rotten wit and prowess equal to that of Shakespeare's tragic and droll hero, Hamlet."

The Crew
Sound Designer - Richard M. Dionne
Costume Designer - Hugh Hanson
Production Stage Manager - Patti McCabe
Director - Bonnie J. Monte
Lighting Designer - Shelly Sabel
Set Designer - Charles T. Wittreich, Jr.

The Cast
Berthold - Michael Stewart Allen
Landolph - Jeffrey M. Bender
Marchesa Matilda Spina - Vivienne Benesch
Giovanni - Robert Hock
Enrico IV - Sherman Howard
Ordulph - Jay Leibowitz
Barone Tito Belcredi - Michael Nichols
Doctor Dionysius Genoni - Herman Petras
Harald - Kevin Rolston
Carlo Di Nolli - Geoff Wilson
First Page - Jason Bohon
Frida - Jenny Gravenstein
Second Page - Mark Thornton

The Tempest

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian B. Crowe

Grand Pageantry -- The storm of all storms leaves royal revelers and two bumbling servants shipwrecked on the shores of an enchanted island inhabited by an embittered sorcerer, his young daughter and a host of mystical spirits. With the help of a few charms and the stuff that dreams are made of, bitterness, rage and revenge are transformed to love, reconciliation and rebirth in Shakespeare's great and final masterpiece -- not seen at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey since 1991, when it launched Bonnie J. Monte's debut season as artistic director. Theatre resident artist Brian B. Crowe, who gave us last season's exuberant production of The Comedy of Errors, directs this tragi-comic allegory that sparkles with magic and visual splendor.

The Crew
Director- Brian B. Crowe
Lighting Designer- Matthew E. Adelson
Sound Designer- Richard M. Dionne
Set Designer- Dipu Gupta
Production Stage Manager- Patti McCabe
Costume Design- C. David Russell

The Cast
The Equity Company:

Ariel - Michael Stewart Allen
Trinculo - Jeffrey M. Bender
Antonio - Allyn Burrows
Ferdinand - Clark Carmichael
Sebastian - Demosthenes Chrysan
Prospero - John Curless
Caliban - Gregory Derelian
Miranda - Jennifer Ikeda
Gonzalo - Jim Mohr
Stephano - Dave Shalansky

The Non-Equity Company:
Ceres/Spirit - Amanda Duffy
Spirit - Meredith Pasmantier
Juno/Spirit - Teresa Stephenson
Iris/Spirit - Corey Tazmania
Adrian/Spirit - Mark Thornton
Boatswain/Spirit - Kurt Uy
Francisco/Ship-master/Spirit - Doug West
Alonso - Christian Wijnberg

A Midwinter Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Joe Discher

The Grandest of All Comedies -- The season's grand finale, the Theatre's "holiday gift" to you and your family, is a magic trick all our own! A Midwinter Night's Dream puts a cool twist on the ever-popular A Midsummer Night's Dream, now transformed to a winter wonderland. Mortals, fairies and rustics alike slip and slide through Shakespeare's fantastical and hilarious ode to love, beauty and poetry. Resident artist Joe Discher, who gave you last year's stylish production of The Fantasticks as well as a glorious 2000 staging of Twelfth Night, directs this special holiday event for all ages.

Funding for this production is provided by The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation.

The Crew
Director - Joe Discher
Lighting Designer - Bill Berner
Costume Design - Frank Champa
Sound Designer - Richard M. Dionne
Production Stage Manager - Gillian Duncan
Movement Consultant - Magaly Roig
Set Designer - Charles T. Wittreich, Jr.

The Cast
The Equity Company:

Egeus/Peter Quince - John FitzGibbon
Francis Flute - David Foubert
Puck/Philostrate - Greg Jackson
Titania/Hippolyta - Sabrina LeBeauf
Tom Snout - Jay Leibowitz
Nick Bottom - James Michael Reilly
Robin Starveling - Larry Swansen
Demetrius - Geoff Wilson
Theseus/Oberon - Mark Elliot Wilson
Lysander - Jared Zeus

The Non-Equity Company:
Snug - James Earley
Sugarplum - Sharon Freedman
Flake - Keisher Glymph
A Mortal Boy - Kenneth Al-Shamir Hubbard
Frostbite - Roderick Lapid
Snowpea - Dawn Michelle
Helena - Mandy Olsen
Hermia - Erin Lynlee Partin