2005 - Revelations / Revolutions

  A Message from the Artistic Director

Welcome to our 43rd Season! It's a season filled with plays that deal with that "thing" that keeps us moving forward as individuals and as a civilization: change. What fuels change, of course, is a process that begins with revelation and ends with revolution - a rebellion against what was in order to create a better what will be. Sometimes, the revelations are quietly personal and result in internal transformations; other times, revelations ripple through society like a prophetic wind, effecting epic change through social, political, religious or scientific revolution. This theme is reflected in each of the great classics we are offering, whether a comedy, tragedy, historical drama or romance. We hope that you will find great pleasure and inspiration in observing these compelling tales of movers and shakers, of epiphanies and metamorphoses, of revelations and revolutions.

Speaking of movers and shakers, there is another thing about this season that is very special. Each of the plays, with the exception of the two that I will be mounting, will be helmed by directors who were discovered, nurtured and mentored by The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

In addition to the five "star" talents - Jason King Jones, Craig A. Miller, Joe Discher, Tamara Harvey and Brian B. Crowe - a number of other young directors will be working here this summer with our various smaller companies.They too have received a large part of their training and mentorship here. This is not only an acclaimed professional thetre company, but also a renowned training ground dedicated to cultivating extraordinary talent. It is an important part of our mission to help foster upcoming generations of American Theatre artists. To be able to boast an entire season of work directed by this very gifted, very hot group of talented, young artists makes me tremendously proud. As the "seniors" in this gathering of budding talent, Joe Discher and Brian Crowe lead the pack, having already thrilled us with such stunning productions as last year's Of Mice and Men and Love's Labours Lost, among many others. So join me for revelations, revolutions, and the excitement of witnessing the next generation burst onto the scene!

2005 Season Plays

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The Merry Wives of Windsor

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jason King Jones

One of William Shakespeare's bawdiest, rowdiest comedies! Join the not-so-desperate and very clever housewives of Windsor as they revolt against the lecherous advances of that infamous rogue Sir John Falstaff.

Featuring Randy Danson as Mistress Page, Allison Daugherty as Mistress Ford, Eric Hoffmann as Sir John Falstaff and James Michael Reilly as Frank Ford.

The Artistic Staff
Director - Jason King Jones
Lighting Designer - Bruce C. Auerbach
Sound Designer - Steven L. Beckel
Fight Choreographer - Jeffrey M. Bender
Costume Designer - Maggie Dick
Production Stage Manager - Josiane M. Lemieux*
Dialect Coach - David McDonald
Set Designer - Brian Ruggaber

The Cast

At the Garter Inn:
Host of the Garter Inn - Joseph Costa*
Sir John Falstaff, a crown pensioner, lodging at the Inn - Eric Hoffmann*
Robin, his page-boy - Joshua Herrigel
Bardolph, Falstaff's attendant - Brian Schilb
Pistol, Falstaff's attendant - David Foubert*
Nym, Falstaff's attendant - Chris Landis
Robert Shallow, a justice of the peace - Robert Hock*
Abraham Slender, a young gentleman, his relative - Patrick Toon
Simple, Slender's servant - Jordan Coughtry
Fenton, a gentleman, former companion of the Prince of Wales - Chris Landis

George Page, a citizen - John Little*
Mistress Margaret (Meg) Page, his wife - Randy Danson*
Anne Page, their daughter - Holley Fain
William, a schoolboy, their son - Joshua Herrigel
Frank Ford - James Michael Reilly*
Mistress Alice Ford - Allison Daugherty*
Servants to the Fords - Ed Flynn, Jake O'Connor
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson - Ames Adamson*
Doctor Caius, a French physician - David Foubert*
Mistress Quickly, his housekeeper - Dana Smith-Croll*
John Rugby, his servant - Ethan Saks

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

By Christopher Hampton,
based on the novel by Choderlos de Laclos
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

A deliciously wicked peep into the boudoirs of the ruling class in pre-revolution France. In a decadent cat-and-mouse game of love and revenge, the beautiful Marquise and the infamous Valmont deftly manipulate those around them — including each other — as they scheme to seduce their innocent victims: a virginal bride-to-be and a pious married woman. The scandalous plot that unfolds leads to revelations about the human heart that are both chilling and inspiring.

The Artistic Staff

Bonnie J. Monte, Director and Sound Designer
Kim Gill, Costume Designer
Jason Hays, Wig Designer
Steven Rosen, Lighting Designer
Kathy Snyder*, Production Stage Manager
Rick Sordelet, Fight Director
Marion Williams, Set Designer

The Cast

(In order of appearance)
La Marquise de Merteuil - Tamara Tunie*
Madame de Volanges - Angela Reed*
Cécile Volanges, her daughter - Erin Partin*
Major-Domo - Nathan Kaufman
Le Vicomte de Valmont - Gareth Saxe*
Azolan, Valmont's valet - Michael R. Pauley
Madame de Rosemonde - Elizabeth Shepherd*
La Président de Tourvel - Roxanna Hope*
Émilie, a courtesan - Gardner Reed*
Le Chevalier Danceny - Jared Zeus*
Footmen - Monal Pathak, Jason Purdy
Adèle - Suzanne Watts

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors & stage managers.

The Triumph of Love

By Marivaux
Translated and adapted by Bonnie J. Monte
Directed by Craig A. Miller

Can passion reduce a famous stoic and rationalist to an ardent lover? With the help of her clever maidservant, a princess disguises herself as a man and woos an entire household as she wages her own personal revolution against the tyranny of lovelessness. This enchanting, pastoral romp yields hilarious revelations as it celebrates the unquenchable power of love.

The Artistic Staff

Directed by Craig A. Miller
Set design by Jesse Dreikosen
Lighting design by Danielle Almeida Wilson
Costume design by Amy Ritchings
Sound design by Craig A. Miller
Production coordinator: Richard M. Dionne
Production stage manager: Christine Whalen*

The Cast
(in order of appearance)
Leonide - Mandy Olsen*
Corine - Alison Weller*
Harlequin - Greg Jackson*
Dimas - Bryan Cogman*
Agis - Geoff Wilson*
Leontine - Pamela Vogel
Hermocrate - Brian Dowd*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors & stage managers.

Life of Galileo

By Bertolt Brecht
Translated by John Willett
Directed by Joe Discher

Astronomer, inventor, mathematician, one of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Galileo Galilei’s unthinkable assertion that the earth revolved around the sun, and was therefore not the center of the universe, turned Renaissance Italy and the Vatican upside down. Peppered with Brecht's unique theatricality, this gripping tale transports us to a time when revolutionary ideas were springing to life as quickly as the inquisitions that tried to squelch them. Featuring Sherman Howard as Galileo Galilei.

Artistic Staff

Joe Discher, Director
Matthew E. Adelson, Lighting Designer
Richard M. Dionne, Sound Designer
Jana Llynn*, Production Stage Manager
Brian Russman, Costume Designer
James Wolk, Scenic Designer

The Cast
In order of appearance
The Ballad Singer - Jay Leibowitz*
His Wife - Jessica Ires Morris
Galileo Galilei - Sherman Howard*
Andrea Sarti - Robbie Sublett
Signora Sarti, Galileo's housekeeper, Andrea's mother - Derin Altay*
Ludovico Marsili, a rich young man - Jeffrey M. Bender*
Priuli, The Curator of Padua University - Robert Hock*
Sagredo, Galileo's friend - Bruce Cromer*
Senators - Edmond Genest*, Richard Bourg*
The Doge - Joe Mancuso
Virginia, Galileo's daughter - Justine Williams
Federzoni, a lens-grinder - Remy Auberjonois*
The Grand Duke, Cosimo de' Medici, age 9 - Kevin Palermo
His Chamberlain - Jay Leibowitz*
The Philosopher - Brian Schilb
The Mathematician - Patrick Toon
Mucius, a scholar - Nathan Kaufman
Lady attending the Grand Duke - Jessica Ires Morris
A Fat Prelate - Joe Mancuso
A Scholar - Robbie Sublett
Three Monks - David Arsenault, Nathan Kaufman, Michael R. Pauley
Two Astronomers - Jeffrey M. Bender, Michael Rossmy
A Very Thin Monk - Patrick Toon
A Very Old Cardinal - Robert Hock*
An Attendant Monk - John Heath
Father Christopher Clavius, papal astronomer - Brian Schilb
The Little Monk, also known as Fulganzio - Michael Stewart Allen*
The Cardinal Inquisitor- Edmond Genest*
Cardinal Barberini, subsequently, Pope Urban VIII - Richard Bourg*
Cardinal Bellarmin - Bruce Cromer*
Gaffone, Rector of the University of Pisa - Joe Mancuso
Carnival Procession and Revelers - John Heath, Dawn Souza & members of the co.
Vanni, an iron founder - Remy Auberjonois*
The Grand Duke, Cosimo de' Medici , age 21 - Michael Rossmy
Pope Urban VIII, formerly Cardinal Barberini - Richard Bourg*
Town Crier - Jay Leibowitz*
A Peasant - Jessica Ires Morris
A Frontier Guard - Michael Rossmy
A Clerk - Brian Schilb

* Denotes member, Actors' Equity Association

The Importance of Being Earnest

By Oscar Wilde
Directed by Tamara Harvey

Artistic Staff
Set Design by Cameron Anderson
Lighting Design by Michael Giannitti
Costume Design by Michael McAleer
Sound Design by Steven L. Beckel
Dialect Coach – Diego Daniel Pardo Production Stage Manager Josiane M. Lemieux*

The Cast
(in order of appearance)
John Worthing, J.P. - Gareth Saxe*
Algernon Moncrieff. - Steve Wilson*
Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. - Davis Hall*
Merriman, butler. - Brian Schilb
Lane, manservant. - Richard Waddingham
Lady Bracknell. - Jane Altman*
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax - Caralyn Kozlowski*
Cecily Cardew. - Elena Shaddow*
Miss Prism, a governess - Susan Greenhill*

(* denotes member, Actors’ Equity Association)

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian B. Crowe

Cries of revolt rock the Roman Capitol in Shakespeare’s brilliant revisionist history play, a searing tale of revolution. Loyalty, honor and betrayal collide as omens of doom and deadly conspiracies erupt into civil war, and leaders rise and fall like the tides. An exciting must-see!

The Artistic Staff
Brian B. Crowe, Director
Harry Feiner, Set Designer
Karin Graybash, Sound Designer
Jennifer Grutza, Production Stage Manager
C. David Russell, Costume Designer
Rick Sordelet, Fight Director
Matthew J. Williams, Lighting Designer
Stephen Davis, Assistant to the Director
Dee Dee Katchen & Jamie Kranz, Assistants to the Stage Manager
Gregory Derelian, Fight Captain

The Cast
(in order of appearance)
Julius Caesar - William Metzo*
Calpurnia, his wife - Jessica Ires Morris
Marcus Brutus, a noble Roman - Robert Cuccioli*
Portia, his wife - Roxanna Hope*
Lucius, his servant - Michael Littig
Caius Cassius - Richard Topol*
Casca - Leon Addison Brown*
Trebonius - John Pieza*
Decius Brutus - Raphael Peacock*
Metellus Cimber - Nathan Kaufman
Cinna - Tristan Colton
Mark Antony - Gregory Derelian*
Octavius Caesar - Derek Wilson**
Lepidus - Geddeth Smith*
Cicero, senator - Geddeth Smith*
Popillius Lena, senator - Brian Schilb
Caesar's Servant - Monal Pathak
Octavius' Servant - Patrick Toon
Racers - Nathan Kaufman, Michael Littig
A Soothsayer - Patrick Toon
Flavius, tribune of the people - Jonathan Brathwaite*
Murellus, tribune of the people - John Pieza*
A Carpenter/Plebeian - Derek Wilson*
A Cobbler/Plebeian - Brian Schilb
Artemidorus, Plebeian - David Arsenault
Cinna the Poet - Geddeth Smith*
Plebeians - Jonathan Brathwaite*, Roxanna Hope*, Nathan Kaufman, Michael Littig,
                       Jessica Ires Morris, Monal Pathak, Geddeth Smith*
Pindarus, Cassius' bondman - David Arsenault
Titinius, officer in Cassius' army - Jonathan Brathwaite*
Messala, officer in Brutus' army - John Pieza*
Volumnius, soldier in Cassius' army - Leon Addison Brown*
Dardanius, soldier in Cassius' army - Brian Schilb
Clitus, soldier in Brutus' army - Nathan Kaufman
Roman Soldiers - Tristan Colton, Monal Pathak, Raphael Peacock*, Patrick Toon

* Denotes member, Actors' Equity Association

As You Like It

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

In the dead of winter, the banished Rosalind must disguise herself as a man and flee to the forest of Arden, where her father, the usurped duke, and his loyal followers are living in exile. Filled with wintry delights, colorful characters and brilliant revelations about life and love, this celebratory tale is certain to warm the hearts of children and adults alike, and to rouse the holiday spirit with humor and beautiful music.

The Artistic Staff
Bonnie J. Monte, Director
Michael Schweikardt, Set Designer
Bonnie J. Monte, Sound Designer
Kris Kukul, Musical Director
Josiane M. Lemieux*, Production Stage Manager
Hugh Hanson, Costume Designer
Rick Sordelet, Fight Director
Brenda Gray, Lighting Designer
Jason Hayes, Hair & Wig Stylist
Jennifer Elizabeth Bauer, Assistant to the Director
Leigh A. Nemeth and Danielle Quinoa, Assistants to the Stage Manager

The Cast

(in order of appearance)
Orlando, youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys - Kevin Isola*
Adam, servant to Oliver - Larry Swansen*
Oliver, oldest son of Sir Rowland de Boys - Clark Carmichael*
Denis, servant to Oliver - Ryan Mills
Charles, Duke Frederick's wrestler - Nathan Kaufman
Rosalind, daughter to the banished duke - Victoria Mack*
Celia, daughter to Duke Frederick - Rebecca Bellingham*
Touchstone, a fool - Mark Mineart*
Le Beau, a courtier attending on Duke Frederick - Patrick Toon
Duke Senior, living in banishment - Richard Bourg*
Duke Frederick, his brother and usurper - Edward James Hyland*
Amiens, attending on Duke Senior - MacAdam Smith
Corin, a shepherd - David Douglas Smith
Silvius, a shepherd - Patrick Toon
Jaques, attending on Duke Senior - Scott Wentworth*
Audrey, a country wench - Colleen Piquette
Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar - Larry Swansen*
Phebe, a shepherdess - Tarah Flanagan*
William, a country fellow, in love with Audrey - Nathan Kaufman
Jaques, second son of Sir Rowland de Boys - Topher Mikels
Forest Lords - Topher Mikels, Ryan Mills, Tom Robenolt
Court Lords - Topher Mikels, Tom Robenolt, MacAdam Smith, David Douglas Smith

* Denotes member, Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers