2006 - Undiscovered Countries

Now Voyagers, I invite you to venture forth with us for our 44th season of exotic travel to the undiscovered countries that we will encounter in the worlds of our plays!

This year, we journey through time and space, navigating through tales that span centuries, continents and even other dimensions. Prepare yourself to meet extraordinary characters, to witness amazing events, and to experience a dazzling spectrum of emotions. Our guides in these new terrains are the brilliant playwrights who have blazed brave trails through the human psyche in order to create the landscapes and the people who are featured in our 2006 "itinerary."


We have fabulous "crews" lined up for each voyage - actors, directors, designers, technicians, composers and many others, who will endeavor to ensure that your theatrical adventures are breathtaking, invigoration, moving and memorable.

Less known, but no less thrilling, are the thousands of smaller treks that will be undertaken by our younger voyagers this season. The Shakespeare Theatre has a veritable fleet of ships that sail the seas of arts education in the form of our many programs for students, teachers and aspiring artists. Over 50,000 young "travelers" will journey with us this year alone. Our flagship is the Shakespeare LIVE! touring company, and we are deeply honored and very proud that it has once again been chosen to participate in the National Endowment for the Arts' groundbreaking Shakespeare in American Communities: Shakespeare for a New Generation initiative. I encourage you to learn more about this enormous and unprecedented undertaking. It is the brainchild of NEA Chairman Dana Goia, and it is a great gift to Amarican childrean across the nation. As a copany whose mission places as much emphasis on education and training as it does on the presentation of classic masterworks, our dedication to and investment in the smaller, quieter, but deeply transformational journeys that we create for young people is as profound as our commitment to the more prominent works on our stages.

There are a few extra pages in this season's brochure - pages which feature some special new perks and programs including subscriber discounts on tickets for the wonderful Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, in residence at our F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre each spring; and a very affordable, exciting new Saturday-morning series for kids that we are creating in partnership with Young Audiences New Jersey.

I applaud and thank each of you - our cherished patrons - not only for keeping us company on our annual peregrinations, but for helping us provide passage for so many fledging explorers as well. And so - here's to the brave new worlds we'll explore together this season, and to the infinite landscapes and tales that reside within the hearts and imaginations of the next generation; landscapes and tales just waiting to blossom!

2006 Season Plays

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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

By Tom Stoppard
Directed by Paul Mullins

Two quirky characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet are caught somewhere between Denmark, Heaven and Hell in this brilliantly witty dark comedy by one of Britain's most celebrated playwrights. A kind of Elizabethan Twilight Zone, filled with genius wordplay and metaphysical mindgames, it thrills and delights with its provocative blend of Shakespearean and Existential inquiry about the nature of being. Don't miss this exhilarating riff on "the Danish play!"

The Artistic Staff
Director - Paul Mullins
Scenic Designer - Michael Schweikardt
Costume Designer - Anne Kenney
Lighting Designer - Shelly Sabel
Sound Designer - Karin Graybash
Dialect Coach - Diego Daniel Pardo
Production Stage Manager - Josiane M. Lemieux*

The Cast

Rosencrantz - Sean Mahan*
Guildenstern - David Conrad*
The Player - Andrew Weems*
Alfred - Seamus Mulcahy
Tragedians - Ashton Crosby, Travis Horseman, Jason Jamerson,
                        David James McDonald, & Tom Robenolt
Hamlet - Anthony Marble*
Ophelia - Anne Bowles*
Claudius - Damian Buzzerio*
Gertrude - Mary Dierson*
Polonius - Robert Lanchester*
Horatio - Tom Robenolt
Ambassador - Robert Lanchester*
Soldier - Jason Jamerson

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Cherry Orchard

By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

In the wake of the liberation of the serfs, a wealthy Russian family finds themselves in danger of losing their estate, and with it their beloved cherry orchard. Amidst their struggle to hang onto their precious but doomed land and status, secrets of the past are revealed, social structures explode and ill-fated romances bloom or wither in this poignant drama, considered by many to be Chekhov's crowning achievement.

The cast of The Cherry Orchard dedicates this production to the memory of Dana Morosini Reeve.

The Artistic Staff
Director - Bonnie J. Monte
Scenic Designer - Marion Williams
Costume Designer - Maggie Dick
Lighting Designer - Steve Rosen
Sound Designer - Bonnie J. Monte
Production Stage Manager - Alison Cote*

The Cast

Lyubov Andreyevna Ranevskaya - Laila Robins*
Anya, her daughter - Erin Partin*
Varya, her adopted daughter - Alison Weller*
Leonid Andreyevitch Gaev, Mme. Ranevskaya’s brother - Edmond Genest*
Ermolai Alexeyevitch Lopakhin, a merchant - Sherman Howard*
Pyotr Sergeyevitch Trofimof, a student - Robbie Collier Sublett*
Boris Borisovitch Simeonof-Pishtchik, a landowner - Bernard Burak Sheredy*
Charlotta Ivanovna, a governess - Stephanie Roth Haberle*
Simeon Panteleyevitch Epikhodov, a clerk - Paul Niebanck*
Dunyasha, a maidservant - Caitlin Chuckta
Fiers, an old footman - Jim Mohr*
Yasha, a valet - Josh Carpenter
A Tramp/ A Post Office Clerk - Brian Cade
A Station-Master - Tom Robenolt
Servants - Pressly Coker, William Webber

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Taming of the Shrew

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian B. Crowe

The Artistic Staff
Director - Brian B. Crowe
Scenic Designer - Jesse Dreikosen
Costume Designer - Martha Bromelmeier
Lighting Designer - Tony Galaska
Sound Designer - Brian B. Crowe
Production Stage Manager - Christine Whalen*

The Cast
Lucentio, a gentleman of Pisa, suitor to Bianca - Nick Cordileone*
Tranio, Lucentio’s personal servant - David Foubert*
Baptista Minola, a rich citizen of Padua - Bruce Cromer*
Katharina, elder daughter of Baptista - Ruth Eglsaer*
Bianca, younger daughter of Baptista - Maureen Sebastian
Gremio, a rich old citizen of Padua, suitor to Bianca - Damian Buzzerio*
Hortensio, a gentleman of Padua, suitor to Bianca - Brian McKnight
Biondello, servant to Lucentio - Corey Tazmania*
Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor to Katharina - Gregory Derelian*
Grumio, Petruchio's personal servant - Bruce Cromer*
A Widow, in love with Hortensio - Corey Tazmania*
The Priest - Martin Miller
Curtis, servant attending Petruchio - Nick Cordileone*
Nathaniel, servant attending Petruchio - Brian McKnight
Philip, servant attending Petruchio - Corey Tazmania*
Joseph, servant attending Petruchio - Damian Buzzerio*
Gregory, servant attending Petruchio - Maureen Sebastian
Peter, servant attending Petruchio - David Foubert*
A Merchant of Mantua - Brian McKnight
A Tailor - Nick Cordileone*
A Haberdasher - Maureen Sebastian
Vincentio, a rich old citizen of Pisa, father of Lucentio - Damian Buzzerio*
An Officer - Maxwell Eddy
Servants to Baptista - Maxwell Eddy, Martin Miller

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Rivals

By Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Directed by Matthew Arbour

Welcome to one of the world's greatest restoration comedies, an uproarious play that lampoons romantic infatuation and the ridiculous lengths that men and women will go to in the name of love. Featuring one of literature's most memorable comic characters, Mrs. Malaprop, whose preposterous "malapropisms" skewer the English language in a most hilarious way. Add in a cast of conniving servants, disguised lovers and meddling parents, and the ensuing escapades guarantee belly laughs galore.

The Artistic Staff
Director - Matthew Arbour
Scenic Designer - James Wolk
Costume Designer - Brian Russman
Lighting Designer - Tyler Micoleau
Sound Designer - Steven L. Beckel
Dialect Coach - David McDonald
Production Stage Manager - Kathy Snyder*

The Cast
Sir Anthony Absolute - Richard Bourg*
Captain Absolute - Steve Wilson*
Faulkland - Christian Conn*
Bob Acres - Jeffrey M. Bender*
Sir Lucius O'Trigger - James Michael Reilly*
Fag - Derek Wilson*
David - Blake Kubena
Mrs. Malaprop - Monique Fowler*
Lydia Languish - Kate Dawson*
Julia Melville - Mary Bacon*
Lucy - Kristie Dale Sanders*
Thomas - Tom Robenolt
Errand Boy - Ethan Saks
Servant to Bob Acres - Pressly Coker
Servant to Julia Melville - John Heath
Maid to Julia Melville - Jillian Meek
Maid to Mrs. Malaprop - Mallory Shear

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Richard III

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Vivienne Benesch

Fascinating and shocking, violent and fragile, evil and mad - these are all apt words to describe the deformed and depraved Duke of Gloucester, who becomes Richard III, the House of York's "bad seed." Shakespeare's "tweaking" of history for the purpose of a great story has given us this paragon of villainy who possesses, in addition to his wicked streak, a wicked sense of humor and a wicked touch with the ladies!

The Cast

The House of York
King Edward IV, Richard's oldest brother - Ian Stuart*
George, Duke of Clarence, Richard's elder brother - Teagle F. Bougere*
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III - Paul Mullins*
Prince Edward, Edward's son and heir to the throne - Ethan Botwick
Duke of York, Edward's second son - Charles M. Kennedy
Duchess of York, mother to King Edward, Clarence and Richard - Jane Altman*

The House of Lancaster

Margaret, widow of the late King Henry VI - Roberta Maxwell*
Lady Anne, widow of King Henry's son Edward - Roxanna Hope*

The Woodvilles
Queen Elizabeth, (aka Lady Grey) wife to Edward IV - Kathleen McNenny*
Lord Rivers - Tom Robenolt
Lord Grey - Tyler Woods
Marquess of Dorset, her son by a previous marriage - Josh Carpenter

The Tudors

Henry, Earl of Richmond, later King Henry VII - Joel de la Fuente*
Sir Walter Herbert - Brian Cade
Sir James Blunt - Paul Reisman

Nobles, Church and Politicians

Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain - John Livingstone Rolle*
Duke of Buckingham - Paul Niebanck*
Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby - John Seidman*
Sir Robert Brakenbury, Keeper of the Tower - Brian Cade
Lord Mayor of London - John Livingstone Rolle*
Bishop of Ely - Brian Cade
Duke of Norfolk - Paul Reisman

Followers of Richard

William Catesby, a murderer, later Sir Catesby - Jeff Pagliano
An Older Murderer - John Seidman*
Sir James Tyrrel - Tom Robenolt
Earl of Surrey - Brian Cade
Messengers, Guards, and Citizens - Paul Reisman, Brian Cade, Josh Carpenter, The Company

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen
Adapted and Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

The world premiere of this exciting new stage adaptation!

Jane Austen's ever-popular romance chronicles the always delicious, often highly amusing and sometimes heartbreaking details of a turbulent and true romance between the witty and sensible Elizabeth Bennett, a gentlewoman of modest means, and handsome but taciturn and antisocial Mr. Darcy. After a disastrous first encounter, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy find themselves involved in an unlikely courtship that will challenge each of them to overcome their chief vices - pride and prejudice. Set in the class-conscious England of the late 1700s, this enduring favorite is replete with brilliant observations about not only the customs and manners of the period, but also the foibles and follies of humanity in all times.

The Artstic Staff
Adaptation by Bonnie J. Monte
Directed - Bonnie J. Monte
Scenic Designer - Michael Schweikardt
Lighting Designer - Brenda Gray
Costume Designer - Kim Gill
Sound Designer - Steven Beckel
Dialect Coach - Elizabeth Shepherd
Choreographer - Cheryl E. Clark
Production Stage Manager - Christine Whalen*

The Cast

Mr. Bennet - Edmond Genest*
Mrs. Bennet - Monique Fowler*
Elizabeth - Victoria Mack*
Kitty/Lucy, a maid - Katelin Wilcox
Jane - Nisi Sturgis*
Mary - Saluda Camp
Lydia - Gardner Reed*
Lady Lucas/Mrs. Reynolds - Hanna Hayes
Sir William Lucas - Ashton Crosby
Mr. Bingley - Sean Mahan*
Miss Bingley - Alison Ostergaard
Mrs. Hurst/ Miss de Bourgh - Megan Irene Davis
Mr. Hurst/Captain Denny - Paul Reisman
Mr. Darcy - Marcus Dean Fuller*
Charlotte Lucas - Jessica Ires Morris
Maria Lucas/ Georgiana Darcy - Elizabeth G. Wilson
Harriet Long/Dorrie, a chamber maid - Kersti Bryan
Colonel Forster/Servant - Phil Brown
Colonel Fitzwilliam/Gentleman - Josh Carpenter
Mr. Blake/Servant - Jake O'Connor
Servant/Ensemble - Michael Striano
Mr. Collins - Michael Stewart Allen*
Wickham - David Andrew Macdonald*
Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Elizabeth Shepherd*
Mrs. Gardiner/Mrs. Hill - Kathleen Rosamond Kelly*
Mr. Gardiner - Joseph Costa*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Joe Discher

Shakespeare pulls out all the stops in this far-fetched adventure, drawing upon the fairytale tradition with a wicked queen, star-crossed lovers and long-lost children - not to mention mistaken identities, swordfights and sleeping potions. The Bard meets The Brothers Grimm in a festive offering sure to entertain audiences of all ages. A series of special "Family Matinee" performances between Christmas and New Year's Eve offer a post-show discussion with the actors.

The Artistic Staff

Directed by Joe Discher
Set Design by Brian Ruggaber Lighting Design by Matthew Adelson Costume Design by Maggie Dick Music composed by Robin Weatherall Production Stage Manager - Kathy Snyder*

The Cast
Two Gentlemen - Tyler Woods, Philip Mutz
Cymbeline, King of Britain - Richard Bourg*
Imogen, his daughter - Charlotte Parry*
The Queen, second wife to Cymbeline - Delphi Harrington*
Cloten, her son - Mark H. Dold*
Posthumus Leonatus, husband to Imogen - Derek Wilson*
Pisanio, servant to Posthumus - Michael Stewart Allen*
Cornelius, a court physician - Patrick Toon*
Philario, an Italian gentleman, friend of Posthumus - Tyler Woods
Iachimo, an Italian gentleman - Robert Gomes*
A Frenchman - Nathan Kaufman
A Spaniard - Michael Benjamin
Belarius, banished British nobleman, known as Morgan - Mark Elliot Wilson*
Guiderius, known as Polydore - Jared Zeus*
Arviragus, known as Cadwal - Jordan Coughtry
Caius Lucius, ambassador from Rome - Nathan Kaufman
A Soothsayer - Philip Mutz
A Roman Captain - Michael Benjamin
A Jailer - Todd Quick
Ghost of Sicilius Leonatus, Posthumus' father - Tyler Woods
Ghost of Posthumus' Mother - Sarah Miller
Ghosts of Posthumus' brother - Philip Mutz
Jupiter - Mark Elliot Wilson*
Lords attending Cloten - Patrick Toon*, Todd Quick
Ladies-in-Waiting - Sarah Miller, Katelin Wilcox
Musicians - Michael Benjamin, Jordan Coughtry, Alexander Sovronsky
A British Lord - Alexander Sovrosnky
British and Roman Soldiers - Members Of The Company

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.