2007 - Living Sapphires

“Now glow’d the firmament with living sapphires...”
-John Milton, Paradise Lost

Sapphire Anniversary

The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is one of the largest and most prestigious Shakespeare theatres in North America. Our dedication to artistic excellence and to exemplary education programs has put us on the international map as well. With more educational offerings than any other theatre in the state, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and adults from across the nation and abroad.

And our audience and reputation continue to grow. Now, in celebration of our
45th anniversary, we swell again, adding a seventh main stage show to our Season!
Most importantly, like the stars in the firmament, our dazzling artists, like “living Sapphires,” will light up your nights once again. Join us for what promises to be a most glorious and exhilarating year!

2007 Season Plays

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Henry V

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

The Bard’s epic history play and his brilliant portrait of a great leader. This play begins the 60 year saga that culminates later in the season with Blood & Roses. Featuring David Conrad in the title role.

The Cast
The Chorus - Jack Wetherall*
Archbishop of Canterbury - Ian Stuart*
Bishop of Ely - Ames Adamson*
King Henry V - David Conrad*
Lord Scroop, Earl of Masham - Josh Carpenter
Duke of Exeter, uncle to the King - Raphael Nash Thompson*
Earl of Westmoreland - Richard Bourg*
Duke of Glouchester, brother to the King - Christopher Thornton
Montjoy - Jack Wetherall*
Bardolph - Scott Whitehurst*
Nym - Darren Matthias*
Pistol - Brent Langdon*
Hostess Quickly - Chantal Jean-Pierre*
Boy - Seamus Mulcahy
Duke of Bedford, brother to the King - Garth McCardle
Earl of Cambridge - Sean Tarrant
Sir Thomas Grey - Anthony De Luca
Charles VI, King of France - Ian Stuart*
The Dauphin - John Patrick Doherty
Constable of France - Scott Whitehurst*
French Attendant - Salvatore Cacciato
Captain Fluellen - Ames Adamson*
Captain Gower - Sean Tarrant
Captain Jamy - Salvatore Cacciato
Captain MacMorris - Scott McIntosh
Governor of Harfleur - Richard Bourg*
Princess Katherine of France - Kate Baldwin*
Alice - Chantal Jean-Pierre*
Duke of Bourbon - Garth McCardle
Duke of Orleans - Philip Mutz
Rambures - Darren Matthias*
Sir Thomas Erpingham - Richard Bourg*
Court - Christopher Thornton
Bates - Anthony De Luca
Williams - Josh Carpenter
French Soldier - Philip Mutz
English Attendant - Salvatore Cacciato
Duke of Burgundy - Richard Bourg*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Play's the Thing

By Ferenc Molnar
Directed by Joe Discher

A wonderfully funny farce-within-a-farce about love and the art of theatre, set against the luxurious backdrop of the Italian Riviera of the 1920’s.

The Cast
(in Alphabetical Order)
Sandor Turai - Mark Jacoby*
Mansky - Colin McPhillamy*
Albert Adam - Jared Zeus*
Ilona Szabo - Caralyn Kozlowski*
Almady - Robert Gomes*
Dwornitschek - John Little*
Mr. Mell - Greg Jackson*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Brian B. Crowe

The Artistic Staff
Director - Brian Crowe
Assistant to the Director - Abigail Isaac
Set Design - Richard Block
Costume Design - C. David Russell
Lighting Design - Andrew Hungerford
Sound Design _ David Lawson
Production Stage Manager - Christine Whalen*
Assistant to the Stage Manager _ Andrea Herbert, Sarah Joy

Robin Starveling, a Tailor/ Fairy - Salvatore Cacciato
Hermia/Fairy - Ka-Ling Cheung*
Lysander/Fairy - Richard Dreher
Demetrius/Fairy - Benjamin Eakeley*
Nick Bottom, a Weaver - Michael Daly*
Snug, a Joiner/Fairy - Nathan Kaufman*
Duke Theseus/Oberon, King of the Fairies - Alvin Keith*
Egeus/Peter Quince, a Carpenter - Darren Matthias
Helena/Fairy - Kaytie Morris
Tom Snout, a Tinker/Fairy - Philip Mutz
Puck/Philostrate - Vayu O'Donnell*
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons/Titania, Queen of the Fairies - Maureen Sebastian*
Francis Flute, a Bellows Mender/Fairy - Patrick Toon*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jack Weatherall

The Cast
VINCENTIO, the Duke, Governor of Vienna - David Manis*
ANGELO - Michael Milligan*
ESCALUS - Raphael Nash Thompson*
CLAUDIO - Stephen Tyrone Williams*
LUCIO - Wayne Meledandri*
PROVOST - Rob Krakovski* 
FRIAR PETER - David McDonald
ELBOW - Jeffrey Guyton*
FROTH - Dan Housek
POMPEY - Roderick Lapid
ABHORSON - Christopher McFarland
BARNARDINE - Scott McIntosh
VARRIUS - Jake O’Connor
ISABELLA - January LaVoy*
MARIANA - Kristie Dale Sanders*
JULIET - Jo Williamson
FRANCISCA, a Nun - Raniah Al-Sayed
MISTRESS OVERDONE - Elizabeth Shepherd*
CITIZENS OF VIENNA: Jason Edward Bobb, Marcus A. Henderson, Erica Knight

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Bald Soprano

By Eugene Ionesco
Directed by Matthew Arbour

The Artistic Staff

Director - Matthew Arbour
Sound Design - Robert Kaplowitz
Set Design - Mimi Lien
Lighting Design - Tyler Micoleau
Costume Design - Erin Murphy
Stage Manager - Kathy Snyder*

The Cast
Mrs. Martin - Mary Bacon*
Mr. Martin - Greg Jackson*
The Fire Chief - Walker Jones*
Mrs. Smith - Kelly McAndrew*
Mary - Angela Pierce*
Mr. Smith - Matthew Floyd-Miller*

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

The Time of Your Life

By William Saroyan
Directed by Paul Mullins

A rarely-performed American classic filled with memorable portraits from an America that seems to have been lost to time. Winner of the 1940 Pulitzer Prize.

The Artistic Staff

Director - Paul Mullins
Assistant to the Director - Abigail Isaac
Set Design - James Wolk
Costume Design - Lora LaVon
Lighting Design - Michael Giannitti
Sound Design - Karin Graybash
Production Stage Manager - Josiane M. Lemieux*
Assistant to the Stage Manager - Lia Boyle, Amy Cavenaugh

The Cast
Joe - Andrew Weems*
Nick - Gregory Derelian*
Arab - Paul Meshejian*
Newsboy - Michael Mungiello
Tom - Ned Noyes*
Kitty Duval - Sofia Jean Gomez*
Dudley - Salvatore Cacciato
Harry - Blake Hackler*
Wesley - Anthony Stokes
Lorene - Megan Irene Davis
Blick - Christopher Burns*
Mary L. - Allison Daugherty*
McCarthy - John Nahigian
Krupp - Sean Mahan*
Kit Carson - Edmond Genest*
Sailor - John Nahigian
Elsie - Jennifer Gawlik
Killer - Megan Irene Davis
Killer’s Sidekick - Allison Daugherty*
Society Lady - Carole Caton
Society Gentleman - Barry Smith

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

Blood & Roses: Shakespeare's Henry VI

The Henry VI plays by William Shakespeare
Adapted and directed by Brian B. Crowe

The Artistic Staff
Director - Brian B. Crowe
Assistant to the Director - Abigail Isaac
Set Design - Michael Schweikardt
Costume Design - Dane Laffrey
Lighting Design - S. Ryan Schmidt
Sound Design - Guy Sherman
Fight Choreographer - Doug West*
Production Stage Manager - Kathy Snyder*
Assistant to the Stage Manager - Denise Cardarelli, Amanda Michaels

The Cast

Talbot, Mariner, Young Clifford - Clark Carmichael*
York, Walter Whitmore - Rufus Collins*
Warder, Bassett, Dick the Butcher, Edward - Tristan Colton*
Voice of Henry V - David Conrad*
Exeter, Horner - Frank Copeland
Warder, Gentleman, Peter, Holland, George - Jordan Coughtry
Servingman, Montague, Michael - Will Davis
Somerset - Joe Discher*
Lady in Waiting, Elizabeth – The Lady Grey - Maurine Evans
Henry VI - Ryan Farley*
Gloucester, Clifford, Father who has killed his son - John Hickok*
Servingman, Vernon, Murderer, Lord Rivers - Roderick Lapid
Mayor of London, Petitioner, Southwell, Murderer, Northumberland, Lewis XI - Terence MacSweeny
Young Henry, Prince Edward - Daniel Marconi
Sir William Lucy, Lord Saye - Garth McCardle
Suffolk, Tutor, Son who has killed his father, Keeper - Fletcher McTaggart*
Winchester, Spirit, Stafford, Keeper - William Metzo*
The Captain, Petitioner, Bolingbrook - Jed Peterson
Margaret - Angela Pierce*
Servingman, Buckingham, Governor of Paris, Clerk of Chatham - Tom Robenolt
Dame Eleanor, Smith, Lady Bona, Nurse - Patricia Skarbinski
Rutland - Theodore Thurlow
Warwick, Jack Cade - Scott Whitehurst*
Nun, Joan, Margaret Jourdain - Jo Williamson
Hume, Warder, Lawyer, Bevis, Richard - Derek Wilson*
Soldiers, Guards, Commoners, Servants - The Company

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.

A Christmas Carol

From the novel by Charles Dickens
Adapted for the stage by Neil Bartlett
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

The Artistic Staff
Director - Bonnie J. Monte
Set Design - James Wolk
Lighting Design - Matthew Adelson
Costume Design - Karen Ledger
Sound Design - Richard M. Dionne
Musical Direction - Rick Knutsen
Dialect Coach - Elizabeth Shepherd
Production Stage Manager - Josiane M. Lemieux*
Assistant to the Director - Seth Gamble
Assistant to the Stage Manager - Abigail Isaac, Amanda Michaels

The Cast
Beggar Girl - Erin Partin*
A Rich Boy - Seamus Mulchay
His Rich Mother - Tina Stafford*
Salvation Army Lady - Betsy Jilka
A Drunkard - Ames Adamson*
A Gentleman - David Macdonald*
Ebenezer Scrooge - Sherman Howard*
Bob Cratchit, a clerk - Greg Jackson*
Clerk 1 - Tina Stafford*
Clerk 2 - Erin Partin*
Fred, Scrooge's nephew - Steve Wilson*
First Portly Gentleman - David Macdonald*
Second Portly Gentleman - Ames Adamson*
A Singing Boy - Seamus Mulchay
Scrooge's Watch - Betsy Jilka
Jacob Marley's Ghost - David Macdonald*
A Phantom - Tina Stafford*
The Ghost of Christmas Past - Ames Adamson*
Young Scrooge - Seamus Mulchay
Scrooge's Sister, Fanny - Betsy Jilka
Apprentice Scrooge - Steve Wilson*
Dick Wilkins - David Macdonald*
Mr. Fezziwig - Greg Jackson*
Miss Belle Fezziwig - Erin Partin*
The Other Miss Fezziwig - Betsy Jilka
Mrs. Fezziwig - Tina Stafford*
Fiddler - Seamus Mulchay
Belle's Daughter - Betsy Jilka
The Ghost of Christmas Present - David Macdonald*
A Chestnut Seller - Steve Wilson*
Portly Gentleman #2 - Ames Adamson*
A Gentleman in a Coat - Greg Jackson*
Mrs. Cratchit - Tina Stafford*
Belinda Crachit - Erin Partin*
Peter Cratchit - Ames Adamson*
Martha Cratchit - Betsy Jilka
Tiny Tim - Seamus Mulchay
Fred's Wife - Betsy Jilka
Want - Erin Partin*
Ignorance - Ames Adamson*
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come - Steve Wilson*
First Man of Business - Ames Adamson*
Second Man of Business - Greg Jackson*
Third Man of Business - David Macdonald*
First Rich Man - Ames Adamson*
Second Rich Man - David Macdonald*
Mrs. Dilber - Betsy Jilka
Old Joe - Seamus Mulchay
Another Woman - Tina Stafford*
Bells of London - The Ensemble

*Member of Actors' Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers.