Shakespeare Heroes and Heroines Tribute Cards

Need a special gift for a special someone who has everything? Care to make a special difference at the same time? You can be our hero or heroine by giving a unique tribute card featuring one of Shakespeare’s heroes or heroines, and make your special someone feel like they have made a difference as well! A wonderful and unique gift!

  • A $10 card helps buy a prop for one of our productions!
  • (a great way for a young person with modest means to give a meaningful gift)
  • A $25 card helps procure a stage sword or Elizabethan weapon!
  • A $50 card helps us create a period costume!
  • A $100 card helps us produce a piece of scenery!
  • A $500 card makes possible an entire costume from wig to hat, to boots & doublet, to cape and gown!

Click here to see a sample Tribute Card

Please call 973-408-5600 and leave your name and number with our box office staff.